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Dr. Shantakumar Muruda, MD

Founder & CEO – QXL Healthcare & Diagnostics

Dr. Shantakumar Muruda, MD, is a esteemed professional with over two
decades of experience in the field of medicine. He earned his medical degree from the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore. Throughout his career, he has served in various capacities, including as a Medical Practitioner, Laboratory Director, NABL Lead Assessor, and as the Executive Director of United Hospital Bangalore, a renowned super-specialty healthcare institution.

Currently, he holds the crucial role of Founder & CEO at QXL Healthcare &
Diagnostics. Dr. Muruda brings a wealth of medical knowledge, strategic
insight, and mentoring skills to his position, leading QLX into a new era of
healthcare leadership. Certified as a Diabetologist by PHFI, he continues to contribute his expertise as a consultant clinical biochemist and head of diagnostic operations for several well-known hospitals and referral laboratories.

Dr. Muruda’s influence extends to his role as Regional Laboratory Director in a prominent laboratory chain and as the Chief Operating Officer of United Diagnostics. His notable achievements include establishing laboratories across India and overseeing more than 150 NABL assessments, highlighting his significant contributions to the healthcare sector.

Dr. Shantakumar Muruda has consistently embraced technology in his medical journey. He has also served as a member of the Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) and as the convenor of the Karnataka State Junior Doctor’s Association, further showcasing his dedication to ethical medical practices and supporting junior doctors.

dr ashish chand

Dr. Ashis Kumar Chand, MCh(Neurosurgery)

Advisor – QXL Diagnostics

Dr. Ashis Kumar Chand is a highly esteemed Indian neurosurgeon with an extensive background and notable achievements in neurosurgery. His impressive career and significant contributions have earned him respect both nationally and internationally. QXL is privileged to benefit from his expertise as he serves in an advisory capacity, drawing on his wealth of knowledge and experience in the medical field.

Dr. Chand’s expertise covers various aspects of neurosurgery, including the development of cost-effective medical devices and instruments for cranial and spinal surgeries. He is actively involved in simulation studies and medical skill development, having received specialized training internationally in the USA, Germany, and Japan.

His impactful contributions are evident in his research papers and
publications, covering a wide range of topics and earning him several
awards and recognitions, such as the J.B. Mody Best Paper Award, Mother
Theresa Excellence Award, and Kalinga Mitra Award. Besides his medical
prowess, Dr. Chand is dedicated to teaching and administrative roles,
including heading the Department of Neurosurgery and serving on the
administrative board at SJMC, Bangalore.

Dr. Chand is renowned for his innovations in the field, particularly in
designing medical devices and instruments to enhance the precision and
affordability of cranial and spinal surgeries. Committed to community service, he actively extends healthcare and educational support to underserved communities.

dr p s reddy

Dr. (Col) P.S.Reddy, MD(Pathology) DCP

Advisor – QXL Diagnostics

Dr. (Col) P. S. Reddy, an esteemed figure in Pathology, brings his profound expertise and extensive experience to QXL Diagnostics. With credentials including MD in Pathology and DCP, his career has been marked by lexceptional achievements. Previously serving as a Consultant Pathologist at Bangalore Institute of Pathology and a Professor of Pathology at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. Reddy has been a guiding force in medical knowledge.

His role as the Director of Diagnostics and Consultant Pathologist at Sagar Hospitals in Jayanagar, Bangalore, showcased his commitment to advancing medical science and patient care. Notably, his service as the Senior Advisor and Head of the Department of Army Hospital Pathology in Delhi reflects his unwavering dedication. Overseeing various pathology disciplines and contributing to cutting-edge laboratory equipment installation, Dr. Reddy has left an indelible mark on medical excellence.

Beyond institutional roles, his involvement in Armed Forces Medical Research Projects under DRDO highlights his commitment to advancing medical science. Membership in esteemed professional organizations like the Indian Association of Pathologists & Microbiologists and the Indian Association of Cytologists underscores his continuous pursuit of excellence.

As an Advisor to QXL Diagnostics, Dr. Reddy’s presence promises to bring
new horizons, furthering the organization’s mission of providing cutting-edge diagnostic solutions. With 45 years of professional experience, including 15 years as a teacher, Dr. Reddy’s wisdom aligns with the excellence that QXL Diagnostics aims to embody. In this distinguished role, his counsel is set to guide QXL Diagnostics toward a future of unrivaled diagnostic innovation and patient care.

dr jagdish chandra

Dr. Jagadeesha Chandra, MD (Internal Medicine)

Advisor – QXL Diagnostics

Dr. Jagadeesha Chandra began his medical journey by earning an MBBS degree in 1988 and later specializing in Internal Medicine, obtaining an MD
qualification in 1991, both from JJM Medical College, Davangere. With a career spanning over 28 years, he has made significant contributions to the medical field.

Dr. Chandra has served as a Consultant Physician in esteemed hospitals such as Bangalore Hospital, JP Hospital, and Suresh Hospital. His commitment to healthcare excellence led to the establishment of JC Medical Centre & Emergency Medical Services in Bengaluru, showcasing his leadership in healthcare services.

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